Rainwater tank filter system & outdoor water tank filters for Gippsland

Do you need to filter your rain tank water?

Our rainwater tank filter system will do the following for your rain tank water:

  • Eliminate the smell and taste of smoke
  • Prevent bacterial growth
  • Remove foreign particles

Our system will greatly improve the taste, colour and smell of your rain water and costs only $395 plus GST.

DIY rainwater tank filter system is great value!

Use our rainwater tank filtration system to supply clean water to the whole house. It is easy to install and do it yourself.

  • Flow rate up to 56 litres per minute
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Designed for low pressure or gravity flow
  • Cleanable pleated sediment filter removes particles
  • Silver carbon filter prevents bacterial growth

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For an extra $29 we can mail it to you.

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Immediate pick up available in Morwell

Feel free to pick up a system from our office which is on the corner of Jane Street and Princes Drive, Morwell. It is located to the rear of Latrobe Valley Authority.

Rainwater tank filtration system for whole house with outdoor water tank filters that is do it yourself (DYI) for Morwell, Traralgon, Maffra and throughout Gippsland

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Learn more about our whole house rainwater tank filter system with twin 20″ x 4.5″ filters

Advantages and benefits of the rainwater tank filter system

The system is ideal for homes that need to remove smells and tastes from their rainwater tank supply.

Our system for rainwater tank filtration combines a pleated sediment and a silver carbon filter to deliver clean water for your whole house.

We recommend this system for families with up to four people. It is ideal for getting clean water from their rain water tank at a minimal cost.

User friendly with spanner included

We include a spanner so you can to easily remove the bottom of the housing. This allows you to easily inspect or replace your cartridges.

Quality stainless steel support bracket

The twin housing for the raintank filter system comes with a quality stainless steel support bracket that is easy to fit.

Fitted air bleeders and gauge provision

We include a fitted air bleeder valves and provide a location to install a gauge if you so desire.

Reducers are easy to add

We have a standard 1” (British) inlet and outlet which allows for the easy addition of reducers to decrease the pipe size if required.

Five year warranty

Our system proudly comes with a five year warranty on the filter housing.

Dimension of housing for DIY rainwater tank filter system for Morwell, Traralgon, Maffra and throughout Gippsland

Dimension of housing for DIY rainwater tank filter system for Morwell, Traralgon, Maffra and throughout Gippsland

How the rainwater tank filters work

Our DIY rainwater tank filter system is made up of two types of filters and cleans the water in two stages.

Pleated sediment filter

The first stage in filtering rainwater uses the pleated sediment filter. This removes all solid particles of one micron in size or greater. It keeps your water free of debris by removing particles such as:

  • Dirt
  • Grit
  • Algae
  • Rust
  • Sand
  • Sediment
  • Silt
  • Bugs
  • Twigs

The pleated filter has a huge surface area, which provides high capacity. It is cleanable, so you can maximise its lifespan.

Silver carbon filter

The second stage uses the silver carbon filter, which removes microorganisms, organic material and chemicals. It also prevents bacterial growth.

The carbon is of the highest quality, ensuring top absorption performance while providing high flow rates.

Long lasting & fully disposable

The cartridges used in the filters are easy to replace and only require changing once every 6 to 12 months, depending on your water quality and usage. They are fully disposable – just wrap the expended cartridges and put them in your rubbish bin.

Dimension of filters for DIY rainwater tank filter system for Morwell, Traralgon, Maffra and throughout Gippsland

Dimension of filters for DIY rainwater tank filter system for Morwell, Traralgon, Maffra and throughout Gippsland

Do-it -yourself installation of the rainwater tank filter system

When installing the system or replacing cartridges, ensure the water supply is turned off. If you are not confident on how to proceed, get a qualified plumber to assist.


When you unpack the rainwater filter system, check that it is in good condition. If the system has been damaged, do not install it. Let us know of the damage as soon as possible and we will immediately organise a replacement.

Work out the best position to securely install the filter. Clear the area, making sure there are no trip hazards and that the workplace is safe.

What tools and parts do you need?

You will need the following set of tools and parts:

  • Water pipe and elbows to connect system
  • Thread tape to seal pipes and connections
  • Electric drill for support bracket screw holes
  • Screws or mounts for support bracket
  • Spanner for filter housing (included)
  • Ball valves for a bypass or gauge (optional)

Fixing the housing

The support bracket has two holes to attach it onto the wall. Use strong screws or bolts to fix the water filter onto the wall.

We recommend mounting the support bracket to the house wall. You need to ensure the housing is fixed strongly. It will become heavy when it fills with water, so the connection has to be strong enough to handle severe thunderstorms.

Water flow direction

Set the housing to match the flow direction. The caps are marked “in” and “out” on the top of the housing or from left to right. If your flow direction is right to left, remove the bracket from the system, flip it and reassemble.

Installing extras

The inlet is to be attached to the “in” port on the system and the outlet plumbing is to be attached to the “out” port. At this time you should install extra items such as:

  • Bypass pipe and shutoff valve
  • Inlet and outlet shutoff valves
  • Gauge to monitor rainwater supply

Priming the system

When the installation is complete do not open the valve on the water connection yet. First fully open the outside tap nearest to the rainwater tank filter system, then slowly open the valve to the water connection and allow the system to fill with water.

When the system is full water should flow out of the opened tap nearest the rainwater tank filter system. Let the water flow for at least 10 minutes before using. This will allow the black water from the excess carbon in the silver carbon filter to be flushed out.

As the system fills use the air bleeder valves to release any air trapped inside the filter housing. Then check the pipe connections and housing for any leaks and repair as required.

Installation of DIY rainwater tank filter system for Morwell, Traralgon, Maffra and throughout Gippsland

Installation of DIY rainwater tank filter system for Morwell, Traralgon, Maffra and throughout Gippsland

Important notes for the rainwater tank filter system

Maximum water pressure for the rainwater tank filter system

The maximum water pressure for the system is approximately 80 psi. If there is more pressure than that, you should install a pressure limiting valve before the water system.

Do not use any sealants in the rainwater tank filter system

Do not use any form of sealant on the pipe connection threads. Use only thread tape. Sealants will expand and crack connections to cause leaks.